Where in the Bible does it say that Noah got drunk?

Genesis 9: 20,21 “Now Noah started off as a farmer and proceeded to plant a vineyard. And he began drinking of the wine and became intoxicated, and so he uncovered himself in the midst of his tent.”

What does God Expect of Us?

Humans were created as free moral beings. They were not programmed to do good or forced to serve the true God. Men and women have the capacity to choose freely. As free individuals they can use their free will to choose right or wrong, good or bad. However, the consequence of one choice is different from that of the other choice. The nation of Israel was encouraged to make the choice that results in life … Continue reading

Is the Bible against having a lot of Money?

Is the Bible against having a lot of Money? 1 Timothy 6:10 is often misquoted as saying “money is the root of all evil” when in fact it does say “the love of money is the root of all evil.” The Bible is not against having money or wealth but warns against the love of money and the relentless pursuit of money. The Bible does mention righteous men who were wealthy and God-fearing at the … Continue reading

What does the Bible say about Teamwork?

Teamwork is the collective effort of a group of persons who work efficiently to accomplish a set goal. Teamwork is more than simply working together. Teamwork involves a unified group focusing mainly on the task at hand and getting that task done efficiently. One of the challeges that should be overcome when different personalities work together, is not allowing different skillsets, attitudes and viewpoints to get in the way of the desired goal. Each person … Continue reading

Books of Love Marriage Anxiety Depression Self-Confidence etc.

The 5 Love Languages® Falling in love is easy. Maintaining healthy relationships is a daily, lifelong pursuit. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Once you know your “love language,” you’ll understand why some attempts at romance work while others fall flat. Dr. Gary Chapman’s perennial New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages® is full of “Aha!” moments that make expressing love easier and more desirable. You’ll find yourself more motivated and more … Continue reading